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MODEL DL-30 DL-50 DL-70 DL-100 DL-120
Workpiece(in-feed) Max. Diameter 30mm 50mm 70mm 100mm 120mm
Min. Diameter 6mm 6mm 20mm 20mm 50mm
Max. Length 70mm 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
Pitch 0.9-4.0mm 0.9-4.0mm 0.9-6.0mm 1.0-8.0mm 2.0-12.0mm
Workpiece(thru-feed) Max. Diameter 30mm 60mm 70mm 100mm 120mm
Min. Diameter 6mm 6mm 20mm 20mm 50mm
Max. Length No limit No limit No limit No limit No limit
Pitch 0.9-4.0mm 0.9-4.0mm 0.9-4.0mm 1.0-8.0mm 2.0-12.0mm
Die Speed Range 30-60RPM 30-60RPM 15-52 RPM 15-52 RPM 15-52 RPM
Max. Outside Diameter 150mm 180mm 190 200mm 230mm
Bore Diameter 54mm 70mm 70mm 80mm 80mm
Width 70mm 70mm-150mm 150mm 200mm 220mm
Center distance of Dies spindle Max. 150mm 175mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Min. 120mm 135mm 145mm 145mm 145mm
Max. Rolling Pressure 20 Tons 40 Tons 50 Tons 60 Tons 70 Tons
Main Spindle Motor 7.5HP,6P 10HP,6P 20HP,6P 25HP,6P 30HP
Hydraulic Motor 5HP 7-1/2HP 10HP 10HP 15HP
Coolant Pump 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/4HP 1/2HP
Output (pc/min) 6-35 pcs/min 4-35 pcs/min 4-20pcs/min 3-20pcs/min 2-20pcs/min
Machine Net Weight(Approx) 1150kgs 2235kgs 3200kgs 3800kgs 4500kgs
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) 170x110x145cm 180x159x168cm 230x180x187cm 250x200x220cm 280x250x250cm


Profession in manufacturing the machine for fastener production

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